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5on BirdEye,Jul 13, 2024


Fast and efficient with lots of information on each step of the process. Really helpful and appreciated.

5on BirdEye,Jul 12, 2024


You guys are “The A Team!” The entire experience was well organized, very sensitive to our needs and “patient first” atmosphere. Bravo. I would be more than happy to be a positive reference for you anytime.

5on Google,Jul 08, 2024


My 12 year old daughter has anxiety going to the dentist. Last week she had a tooth removed by Dr. Pliski and had an excellent experience. The dentist and dental assistant explained everything to me and made my daughter feel very comfortable. Highly recommend this practice.

5on BirdEye,Jul 08, 2024


Staff were very nice and dental assistant and oral surgeon explained everything and made my 12 year old daughter feel better and more relaxed. She has anxiety about going to dentists and she had.a very good experience. Would recommend this practice.

5on BirdEye,Jul 06, 2024


Friendly, short wait and informative. Questions were answered effectively.

5on BirdEye,Jul 06, 2024


Even though we didn’t get the help we was hoping for I’m giving this place a great review. It’s like unheard of to get into a place like this even within a month, I called to see if they could get my mom in and they was booking out until the end of aug, I told the girl that answered my call the situation and she said she would try to work her n the following Mon but if they had a cancellation she would call, it may have been like an hour and half and she called and was able to get her in. When we got ready to leave, not just this lady, but the one working beside her took their time to ask about my mom and give what advice they thought we could use moving forward, very seldom do u see these kinda people anymore and I can’t thank them enough for the way they was concerned for my mom! Again, thank u so much!!

5on BirdEye,Jul 05, 2024


Very “pleasant” experience. Everyone was very friendly and kind. No complaints.

5on Google,Jul 05, 2024


They are the most kindest people. I have severe dental anxiety and they do absolutely everything they can to make me as calm as possible and comfortable. Dr. Pliski is one of the best at what he does. I would recommend this office to anyone.

5on BirdEye,Jun 30, 2024


Every person, from check-in until check-out, secretaries to assistants and the oral surgeon, treated me with the upmost respect. I have no complaints. Very polite and peaceful.

5on BirdEye,Jun 28, 2024


Friendly staff. Interacting with them put me at ease. Procedure went well. Thank you!

5on BirdEye,Jun 27, 2024


Everyone gets a 15 out of 1 from 10. Thank you for a good experience in an environment I am not too comfortable with! You took care of my every need .,, from tooth removal to emotional! Thank you again!

5on BirdEye,Jun 23, 2024


Friendly staff, procedure was quick and without issues.

5on BirdEye,Jun 23, 2024


Surgeon and assistant were Incredibly polite and explained the procedure very well

5on BirdEye,Jun 23, 2024


Very helpful, informative and efficient.

5on BirdEye,Jun 22, 2024


my wait time was approx. 1 hour, although I feel it was worth the wait. everyone was pleasant and made me feel comfortable. my husband had to wait two hrs. because of my consult. however it was worth the wait time because everyone answered my questions and it made me feel good. the surgeon's questions went well and he performed a thorough exam, and answered my questions. blessings

5on BirdEye,Jun 17, 2024


The appointment was easy to schedule and the service is alwais of highest qualitu

5on BirdEye,Jun 17, 2024


Very professional, friendly and very quick in and out experience.

5on BirdEye,Jun 17, 2024


Good experience.

5on BirdEye,Jun 16, 2024


Had a dental implant. Procedure was pain free. So was the recovery! 😊

5on BirdEye,Jun 16, 2024


Staff was very professional and knowledgable. Dr. Pliske was very kind and personable before my surgery started and it made me feel a lot better since I had been very nervous. I am so glad I chose South Central Oral Surgery.

5on BirdEye,Jun 16, 2024


Everyone was so nice and explained everything to my daughter so she felt comfortable the whole time.

5on BirdEye,Jun 10, 2024


It felt a little sore at first but within about 8 hours all the pain was gone and I was back to normal.

5on BirdEye,Jun 09, 2024


friendly, efficient and competent staff and doctor

5on BirdEye,Jun 07, 2024


Dr. Pliske and his entire staff were caring, and helpful. The infromation given on what to expect after the surgery was great as well. Wisdom teeth removal can be very hard but with South Central Oral Surgery we got the best care!

5on BirdEye,Jun 04, 2024


Very positive all around. Thank you.

5on BirdEye,Jun 02, 2024


Dr Pliskie and Dena(?) were very friendly and explained upcoming procedure in great detail.

5on BirdEye,Jun 01, 2024


It was great. Have had no trouble.