After Exposure of an Impacted Tooth

Special Instruction to Follow After Exposure of an Impacted Tooth


Try not to disturb the wound. The surgical packing left after your appointment was put in place to help keep the tooth exposed so do not remove it. If it accidentally becomes dislodged, call our office immediately.


For the first twenty-four hours, there will be some amount of light bleeding and a red tint to your saliva. This is completely normal. If you experience sudden, heavy bleeding, it can be abated by placing a clean gauze on the wound and biting down for thirty minutes. If the heavy bleeding persists after this, please call our office.


Swelling is a common occurrence after surgery and is considered very normal. To reduce swelling, place a cold pack of ice on the cheek by the surgical site. Try to ice your cheek down as much as possible for the thirty-six hours after surgery.


On the day of the surgery (after the surgery), drink as much liquid as possible. Your surgical site will be tender. Drink cool and warm liquids and soft food, avoiding anything hot. Try to return to a normal diet as soon as possible after the first day.


Tylenol and Ibuprofen can be taken to manage pain. If you receive a prescription for advanced pain management, please follow the instructions as directed. Do not use alcohol or any non-prescribed narcotic for pain management.

Oral Hygiene

A clean mouth will help heal the wound faster. Beginning the day after your surgery, clean your mouth immediately after every meal. You may brush your teeth gently and rinse with warm water and salt. Ideally, you should rinse with the warm water and salt six times a day and continue until the wound is completely healed.


Do not engage in strenuous activity or exercise after surgery. Exercise increases blood flow which can cause your wound to bleed. Furthermore, your restricted diet will create a weakened state and strenuous activity will make you weaker and could lead to dizziness.




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