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Dr. Pliske and his staff took such wonderful care of both my girls when they had their wisdom teeth removed last Friday! They are doing great and on the mend! Thank you for being so kind and patient with them both and for taking time to address all of our concerns!


My two experiences with Dr. Pliske have been excellent. He and the staff are caring and efficient, but not rushed. He takes time to explain issues in clear terms. Follow up care is similarly excellent.


What a great group of employees you have. I walked in terrified and left with a sense of calmness. I was relaxed, informed and cared for, by people who take their jobs personal. Kudos to You All. This girl from Bedford made it through the roundabout and an extraction without anyone getting hurt.


Dr. Howell has extracted teeth and inserted implants for me. He is an excellent oral surgeon with a pleasant manner, informative, and concerned. He called on the evening after the procedure, and arranged a follow-up appointment to check the work. I will definitely go back to him for any more work that may be needed.


What an extraordinary oral surgery office! The staff is always delightful and warm making me feel very much at ease. Dr. Pliske makes extractions and implants an easy, painless solution to dental issues. Because of the staff’s high level of professionalism, I feel safe and extremely comfortable under Dr. Pliske’s care. I can’t thank you all enough for making every visit a positive experience.


Dr. Pliske was great! My son had minimal pain and swelling after having all four of his wisdom teeth removed. The nurse was excellent as well. I stayed in the room until my son was medicated. All my questions answered. Dr. Pliske even called the next mornings to see how he was doing.


Yesterday on 2.8.18 I had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Timothy Pliske. I had a very good experience. I filled out my paper work, they gave me a pamphlet to look over beforehand and within seconds I was called back. She told me if I needed to use the bathroom I could, and then i went over my information w one of the orthodontist assistants (I can’t remember her name) I made it very clear how nervous I was and how I have anxiety. My heart rate was at 141bpm and I was able to get it down to 118 before the orthodontist came in, that’s how comfortable I felt. After she went through everything w me she went to tell Dr. Pliske that I was ready and when she came back into the room he came in at the same time so I didn’t even have to wait! He reassured me that I will be asleep and that I will be okay. Told me after I left I could have a frosty and to put my pill in it because it would be easier to take. He asked me some questions as he was checking my veins and giving me sedation and within one minute I was out. The assistant brought my mom in to help me out to the car & my moms voice was the first thing I remember hearing, and saw her first. They both helped me all the way to the car. Today is the next day (been 24 hours exactly) and I’m not in too much pain, obviously I’m sore and hurt but it isn’t as bad as I was expecting. I’ve been taking my pain meds correctly & using ibuprofen as directed. They also gave me papers on dry sockets & after care, 3 packs w a bunch of gauze, a syringe to clean my mouth out w and a tea bag to bite on that I can use if I bleed more than expected and an ice pack. Today I emailed them asking a couple questions I still had and they answered within the hour. They have a very nice staff!! I felt really comfortable.


Had a great experience for a time that I know my son was nervous, having his wisdom teeth removed. Everyone was very kind and professional. We will be back in a few years for my daughter.


Both Dr. Pliske and Dr. Howell are excellent – highly recommend their practice.


Very nice staff. They got me in as soon as they could. Called Friday and in on Tuesday!


Great service! Put all my fears to ease. Thank You Much!


My twelve year old daughter had to have several (three, at this point) teeth extracted. Her dentist was not able to extract the first two without causing extreme pain, even with several shots of Novocaine. A referral, and we ended up at South Central Oral Surgery. They were professional, empathetic, and the extraction (with laughing gas) was done before I could sit down for five minutes. (roots looked VERY scary. we still have the tooth.) My daughter, who is no slouch, and isn’t a drama queen, asked if we could do this for any future extractions. I was very happy to say yes, and, if you have any people in your world for whom this is an issue, these are lovely people. Go here.


I suffer from anxiety and every dentist I see I’m always shaking and so stressed. This dentist was different. As soon as I went back I was starting to relax from the Christmas music. Then I met the dental assistant! I almost cried she was being so good to me! So reassuring and encouraging me. The Dr was just as great! So kind! I didn’t shake, or feel scared. He was so fast! He had my tooth and root out in literally one minute!
Highly recommend them!


I am very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Howell and the staff. Everybody seemed caring and friendly. I was impressed that he called to check on me that night and gave me further instructions.


South Central Oral did a great job with my wisdom teeth removal. They have such a friendly staff. They actually took the time to answer my questions, which is not something you get everywhere! I highly recommend them to anyone needing oral surgery in the Bloomington area.


I called for an emergency appointment and was seen the next day. Having never been here before I was very impressed by how clean the whole facility was. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Dr Howell was so nice and kept reassuring me I was doing well during the whole procedure. Dr Howell himself called me that same evening to see how I was doing. I have never had another Dr call to check up himself and I thought that was a very kind gesture and I appreciated it. I recommend South Central Oral Surgery to everyone I know. I went in for a follow up a couple days after my initial procedure I had concern my infection was coming back. I called and was seen that same day. Dr Howell was out of town so I was seen by Dr Pliske, he and his assistant were very kind and patient and listened to all my concerns and did a thorough exam and reassured me all was well. I felt like a person and not just a number, a little kindness sure goes a long way. If you want a professional and thorough dentist you want to call South Central Oral Surgery and get the job done right.


Dr Howell took care of my husband & I many years ago & now Dr Pliske has taken care of 2 of our 3 kids. Excellent staff, great experience!


Staff and doctor was really friendly. Affordable prices and had no complications from surgery. The doctor even called me personally the next day to see how I was. What great customer service! I will definitely recommend them to anyone.


My daughter had her tooth pulled yesterday and the staff was wonderful. Then on top of it, the doctor called personally to check on her last night!!


The staff was friendly, the Dentist was amazing and my overall experience was fantastic!!!! I had 3 teeth removed because I had been having headaches for entire month and once they were removed I am glad to say that I am HEADACHE FREE!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


My experience was very positive. They took very good care of me. Dr. Howell even called me the same night to check on me


Dr. Howell removed three impacted wisdom teeth for me today. He was extremely friendly. Dr. Howell and his staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed before my surgery. I have had minimal pain and it was a very quick 40 ish minute procedure!


The assistant was so sweet she helped calm me down and Dr. Pliske was really sweet too! A caring and wonderful staff they answered all my questions and were really patient(pun intended) with me! I hope they see this and its from Kylee! Thank you and my teeth and gums are slowly getting better♡ i got two wisdom teeth out and i was done in like less than 30 minutes they made it a breeze by talking and joking with me making me laugh but still professional it really helped ease my nervousness♡♡ also he called my dad to check up on me which was really sweet of him! No complaints.


I got my wisdom teeth extracted today. It was quick and painless. Well the numbing shot hurt a little, but wasn’t too bad. Everyone there was super nice and friendly!


Disclosure: I am a retired Dentist and have worked with Dr. Howell and Dr. Pliske for many years. Unfortunately even dentists have to occasionally have a tooth extracted and, of course, I turned to those I most trust. If you need a tooth extracted , implants, or other surgical procedures you will not find a more talented, experienced, or caring team and the staff is great.


The staff was very professional and caring. I felt that I had very good care. Thank you!!


I have had the unfortunate circumstances to visit Dr. Howell twice at the Bedford office and once at the Bloomington office. Staff is always pleasant and helpful. Dr. Howell is GREAT! He explains what is happening and will answer any questions. My experience was positive and I recommend them.


Had a wisdom tooth bothering me that my Dentist told me no one would touch due to the way the tooth sat and the roots being wrapped around the nerve. Dr. David Howell was AMAZING! He and the entire staff are kind, compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to extract the tooth without causing permanent nerve damage. I have awful anxiety when it comes to dentists he was sweet and reassuring. He walked me through everything and didn’t make me feel dumb when I asked silly questions. I highly recommend South Central Oral Surgery. Even if they did not except my Insurance I would happily pay out of pocket for their expertise and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Howell even called after hours to check in with me. He and the ladies in the office go above and beyond!


They are great! Very friendly staff, and they make you feel comfortable even when you are a big baby like me! Also very good at what they do.


What a blessing these folks are! Many thanks to Dr Pliske and the staff here for their kind and caring treatment of my daughter who had two wisdom teeth extracted and bone marrow added in preparation for an upcoming implant.


My 17 year old had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. It was a very pleasant experience and very prompt. I’m very happy with the service we received!


Our experience with South Central Oral Surgery was excellent. The staff was very professional and made what is usually an unpleasant experience very quick and comfortable for my husband. Thank you so much!


Dr Howell removed my daughter’s wisdom teeth.They have the best staff and services! Kind, helpful and experienced.


We had a great experience there the staff was so nice and friendly I would highly recommend this office.